Tennis Equipment

The sport of tennis has been well known for its simplicity, since when it comes to equipment the only equipment needed to play is a pair of racquets, one ball, a flat surface and a net that divides the flat surface into two equal parts. Even the net is not a necessity, if you have something you can use in its place. The racquet has evolved over the years and is now technologically tested for its weight, strength and the tightness of the strings that form the netting.

The balls have also evolved over time with the first ones weighing much more than new ones and not having the same amount of bounce as they ones today have. Due to the changes in the racquets made today the ball has also been technologically transformed in order to hold up against the constantly hitting against the racquets as well as the ground.


The Tennis Racquet

The tennis racquet consists of the handle or grip that connects to the neck and which then joins a circular frame that has a matrix of strings that are pulled together tightly. In the first century the game was played the racquets were made of wood and were a very standard size and the strings were made of animal gut. As technology started to influence the game the racquets transformed from wood...


Tennis Balls

Tennis balls today are made of a hollow rubber and have a felt covering. They were originally white in color and were used widely, but over the years have been changed to a yellow, which allows for more visibility for both the players and officials that cover the game. The chair umpire and line people need to differentiate the ball from the white colored court lines, which are used to judge it t...


Tennis Courts

Tennis courts are rectangular in size and are usually made of clay, grass or some sort of hard surface. The court is 78 feet in length and is 27 feet in width when singles matches are played and 36 feet wide when doubles matches are played. The net that crosses the entire width of the court runs parallel to the baselines and is three feet and six inches high at each post and just three feet high...


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