Topspin Serve when playing Tennis

There are a number of different serving techniques in tennis and one of the most common is the topspin serve. This serve is a forward spinning serve and is accomplished by hitting the back of the ball at an upward angle with the racquet and therefore makes the serve slower than the flat serve. The topspin allows for the ball to be aimed very high over the net but the downward motion allows for it to still fall into the service box. This serve is

a safe serve and many players use it as their second serve.

The serve should not be hit any softer than the first serve but with the technique involved it automatically will come of the racquet at a lower speed. The serves topspin will make the ball bounce higher and that can give the opponent the time to "run around" the ball and return it on their forehand, or strong side.

The type of serve is harder to learn that a flat serve since as the contact point must be either behind the players head or at least at the point straight above the head of the server. This requires a number of complex body adjustments and mechanics. But once the method is learned it can be a very beneficial element in a player's repertoire. Serving techniques have not seen many changes in the past 20 or 30 years, with the same serving techniques that were used back then, still being used till today.



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