Tennis Techniques

The game of tennis is played with many different techniques. There are a number of different ways in which the racquet is held, to hit the ball and to serve the ball to your opponent and receive serves from the opponent. These different techniques are determined from the specific abilities and strengths and weaknesses of each individual player.

The player uses these techniques to their advantage against their opponents. They include slice serves, drop shots, two hand backhands, lob shots and many other techniques that are incorporated into a player's game to help them be more competitive. Many new techniques are being included into tennis today by fresh tennis players who are not comfortable with the widely followed shots. It is necessary for a good tennis player to be well versed with all the tennis shots that are known and the tennis player should also be able to predict the next shot of his or her opponent.


Topspin Serve when playing Tennis

There are a number of different serving techniques in tennis and one of the most common is the topspin serve. This serve is a forward spinning serve and is accomplished by hitting the back of the ball at an upward angle with the racquet and therefore makes the serve slower than the flat serve. The topspin allows for the ball to be aimed very high over the net but the downward motion allows for i...


Flat and Slice Serve when playing Tennis

The flat serve is usually used as the first serve and is the fastest serve in the game. Male professional players can serve the ball on a flat serve as fast as 125 miles per hour. This serve was known prior as a cannonball serve and this is performed by swinging directly through the ball without any spin on the ball. The flat serve must be hit close to the net since there is no spin to help it d...


Tennis Shots

There are a number of different shots that are used by players. There is the topspin forehand that will put a forward spin on the ball making it drop into the court and bounce high. The shot usually slows the game down due to the high bounce. The backhand shot is used by swinging at the ball from the opposite side of your dominate hand and is often time used to slice a slice or make a passing sh...


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