Tennis Shots

There are a number of different shots that are used by players. There is the topspin forehand that will put a forward spin on the ball making it drop into the court and bounce high. The shot usually slows the game down due to the high bounce. The backhand shot is used by swinging at the ball from the opposite side of your dominate hand and is often time used to slice a slice or make a passing shot while approaching the net. The lob is often times a defensive shot but can be used as an offensive on as well.

The technique in this is to lift the ball as high as possible into the air and as deep as possible into the opponent's side of the court. This gives you the opportunity to get into position and that is why it is considered more a defensive measure than offensive.

Other shots often used is the forehand shot that is the most common shot and that is using the players strong hand and swinging through the ball keeping. Most players are much stronger on their forehand side than their backhand and therefore the forehand shot is more powerful and is used much more often.

The drop shot is another shot that players use. Backspin is put on the ball making it "die" as it hits the surface making the opponent have to come forward at a fast pace in order to hit the ball before it touches the surface of the court a second time.



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